(1) Economic support for Niyamat’s family: If you wish to make adonation to Niyamat’s wife Nuresa Bibi, you can send it to her bank account (details below).

(2) Bhukhan Singh, who was also targeted the same day, had to flee the village with his wife and children. Financial support is required for their sustenance and also for the children’s education. Donations can be sent to Bhukhan’s bank account (details below).

(3) You can come and spend a few days at the NREGA Sahayata Kendra in Manika with the Kendra team.

(4) You can organise a discussion about this issue in your area, school, college or organisation. Detailed information about Niyamat’s murder and its context are available at www.nrega.net.in

(5) If you knew Niyamat, consider writing about his life and work.

(6) You can send a complaint to some of the persons below, and a demand that the culprits should be arrested immediately:

DC Latehar, Rahul Kumar Purwar 9431138347 (email: [email protected])

SP Latehar, Kuldeep Dwivedi                9431706262

Chief Secretary (Jharkhand), S.K. Choudhary (fax: 06512400255)

For further information, contact the NREGA Sahayata Kendra in Manika

(email: [email protected]): James Herenj (9852910778), Shyama Singh

(9905132431), Pachati Singh (8986851540).