The Release Order is Signed! At last!

After a full day in which Justice B.P.Verma insisted on demonstrating how slow the wheels of justice could turn in Chhattisgarh finally the order for Dr Binayak Sen’s release. First it was the delay in deciding the conditions for bail, which took till well after lunch time. Next was fulfiling the bail conditions, which included depositing Dr Sen’s passport plus the surety bond for Rs. 50,000.

Then came the process of verification of surety bonds, attested by various officers and in triplicate blah, blah. It looked almost as if the release order would not come before the court closed at 5.30 PM today. Finally when Verma signed the release order the deep pain the task caused him was visible over his entire body, a terrible agony manifest itself over his face as his trembling hands undid – under Supreme Court orders- what his own trial court had committed just a few months ago.

There is no doubt that there is at least one judge in the Raipur Sessions Court who is in need of a new profession. All suggestions are welcome.