Statement of Protest at the Incarceration of Dr.Binayak Sen and Ajay TG

We also demand that all the cases against him be immediately dropped as they are instituted to harass him and his family. The inordinate delay in even framing charges against him is a part of this harassment. His solitary confinement is not only illegal but an attempt to break his will. All this has affected his health adversely and amounts to torture.

It is important to note that Dr Binayak Sen is an eminent pediatrician of the country. In this ruthless neo-liberal era where health care and other basic services are increasingly being commodified, Dr Sen gave up all the comforts and the career drive of a medical specialist in a metropolis and chose to work with the downtrodden workers and peasants in Chhatisgarh, one of the poorest states of India.

He dedicated himself to the emancipation of the poor people and became a member of the Chhatisgarh Mukti Morcha to fight for the rights of the workers in mining sector and other unorganized sectors. He was one of the driving forces behind Shaheed Hospital which provided low cost medical care to workers and which was managed by the workers themselves.

Under the predatory policies of Structural Adjustment being implemented in India under pressure from the Bretton Wood Institutions, millions of working people are denied proper health care and nutrition. Being critical of the health policies of the government, Dr Binayak Sen initiated innovative community health care projects for the toiling people, especially women, Dalits, Adivasis, workers and peasants.

Dr Sen was arrested for his activities as a PUCL activist for exposing the atrocities committed on Adivasis in the name of Salwa Judum which has displaced more then one lakh Adivasis in the Baster region. It is important to note, Salwa Judum’s real agenda is to displace the Adivasis from Baster and hand over their mineral rich lands to big industrial groups and international corporate houses.

The governments at the Centre and the State have been totally non-responsive to the repeated protests and pleas of national and international civil and democratic rights groups (also, Nobel Prize winners). This is an indication of the real agenda of these governments that they would not tolerate any legitimate protest against their neo-liberal pro-corporate agenda. The intolerance towards legitimate protest against the variety of undemocratic acts by the ruling elite of the country is visible across the country.

Dr Binayak Sen has become a symbol of democratic rights and freedom of expression in the country. Like Nelson Mandela, he is a beacon of hope for the struggling people in the developing world who are relentlessly fighting against the shrinking democratic space in the third world under the neo-liberal regimes.

We assert our demand that Dr Binayak Sen must be released without any further delay along with another activist, journalist and filmmaker, Ajay T.G. and be allowed to attend their humanitarian and professional works.

  • Prof Imrana Qadeer (CWDS, New Delhi)

  • Prof Arun Kumar (CESP, JNU, New Delhi)

  • Prof Avijit Pathak (CSSS, JNU, New Delhi)

  • Prof Mohan Rao (CSMCH, JNU, New Delhi)

  • Prof K R Nayar (CSMCH, JNU, New Delhi)

  • Dr Vivek Kumar (CSSS, JNU, New Delhi)

  • Dr Rohan D’souza (CSSP, JNU,New Delhi)

  • Mr. Vijay Pratap (Convenor Lokayan Delhi)

  • Mr. Asit (Social Activist & Researcher)

  • Mr. Rakesh Bhatt (Cordinator SADED Delhi)

  • Mr. Babu Lal Sharma (Global Gandhi)

  • Ms. Putul (Social Activist Yuva bharat)

  • Mr. Vijay Kumar (Social Activist Uttarakhand)

  • Kuldeep Nayar
  • Banwarilal Sharma (Azadi Bachao Andolan)

  • Shamsher Singh Bist ( Uttrakhand Lok Vahini)

  • B.D. Sharma (Bharat Jan Andolan)

  • Ritu Priya( Associate Professor JNU)

  • Ajit Jha( Samajwadi Jan Parishad)

  • Rakesh Rafiq ((Yuva Bharat)
  • Arun Kumar (Social activist, Mirzapur, Delhi)

  • Manju Mohan( Social activist,Delhi)

  • Kamala Pant (Uttrakhand Mahila Manch)

  • Devendra Singh (Sampoorna Kranti Manch,Rewari)

  • Prakash Kumar Ray (Filmmaker,Research Scholar JNU)

  • Dr John Dayal (President, All India Catholic Union, Member NIC)

  • Ajay K Jha, Pairvi