Soni Sori’s letter to the Delhi judge

Honourable Judge Sahib, whatever written statement I am submitting is true. I request you, Judge Sahib, to kindly take note of my truthfulness.

For the last two years, the policemen have been harassing me. They used to harass me by summoning me to the police stations, entering our houses and breaking household items and playing (leeringly) with our clothes. If we tried to say something, we would be told threateningly, ‘Where would you go to lodge the complaint? Who will listen to you? One day, we will declare you a Naxalite and kill you. That’s why we have declared you an absconder since last year.” I would tell them that I was working as a teacher in a school. Then how could they declare me (an absconder)?

Judge Sahib, I had come to Delhi with a purpose. I tried to fulfill that purpose by remaining in hiding here and there. Had I committed any crime, I would have never come here. Because truth was with me, I wanted to present the truth before the Supreme Court. Whatever I did, I kept my lawyer informed. I gave an interview in the Tehelka Press too.

Judge Sahib, please tell me why the police declared me an absconder? And why did they fire at me?

The policemen wanted me to call up (someone) on the phone posing as a Naxalite. When I refused to ring up B. K. Lala, they declared me an absconder and by spreading the news in the whole of Chhattisgarh, put up for auction (tore to shreds) my self-respect and social prestige. Now the situation is such that the residents of Chhattisgarh and the whole society look upon me as a criminal. Therefore Judge Sahib, I want to fight this battle between truth and falsehood by staying here in Delhi, so that when I go back to Chhattisgarh, I can take pride in myself that I have been victorious in this fight between truth and falsehood.

Judge Sahib, I request you kindly to not send me back to Chhattisgarh. The police of that state would cook up some case against me and kill me. I have suffered at the hands of policemen. Sahib, I have three children. At present, there is no one to look after them. My husband is also in jail since last year on some fabricated charges. The courts there also don’t give a hearing. The policemen harass me. I tried to tell the truth to the police many times. Even then, they consider me a Naxal supporter. If I were a Naxal supporter, then why did I not save my father’s house from being destroyed? In the last months, on 14-6-2011,the Naxalites looted my father’s house after shooting him in the foot. Even then, the police are unable to see the truth. Before coming to Delhi, I asked a number of people to help me, but no one came for my help. Judge Sahib, I request you again not to send me back. My case should be heard in the Supreme Court.

Judge Sahib, I have some demands.

1. The police have implicated me in the attack on Avadesh Gautam, firing in Kuakonda, bombing of Kuakonda tehsil office, holding rallies and other false cases. I request Judge Sahib to order a CBI inquiry into all of them.

2. The police administration should not harass the residents of my area and the members of my family such as my brothers, my parents and my children.