Raipur Satyagraha Update: 6th April

Dear friends,

The fourth batch of 104  protesters took part in the satyagraha for the release of jailed human rights and health activist Dr Binayak Sen, in Raipur today.
The programme began with protestors congregating at Budha Talab and holding a public meeting there.
press conference was held at 1:30 pm at the press club and was addressed among others by Arundhati Roy, Anuradha Talwar (NTUI and PBKMS), and Dr. Abhay Shukla(Pune Solidarity Committee for Release of Dr. Binayak Sen).
104 protestors marched through the streets of Raipur and later courted arrest. The courting of arrest occurred after the satyagrahis were detained at Subhash Stadium by the Chhattisgarh authorities, following peaceful non-violent protest. They were all later released. 
The satyagrahis who courted arrest included among others:
  • Dr. Abhay Shukla and 3 activists from the Pune Solidarity Committee for the Release of Dr. Binayak Sen

  • Bhan Sahu and 9 activists from Lok Sangwaari Pariwaar, Rajnandgaon, CG.

  • Anuradha Talwar and 53 activists from Paschim Banga Khet Mazdoor Samiti(an NTUI affiliate) and Shramjivi Mahila Samiti, West Bengal

  • Sudhir Bhan and 3 members from All West Bengal Sales Representative Union (AWBSRU, an NTUI affiliate) 

  • Adhiyok from Lucknow

  • approximately 30 activists from various groups in Chattisgarh
Detailed updates will follow from our participants later today.