raipur satyagrah update

Dear Friends
In case you would like to participate in the Raipur Satyagrah and want further details you could contact Lakhan (09754130550) in Raipur.

The previous batches of Satyagrahis have been staying at the Jan Andolan office which is serving as the Satyagraha head quarters. It has 2 halls lined with durries and 1 bathroom. Food is cooked twice a day in the kitchen. In case you want to stay somewhere else, then please contact Lakhan with exact requirements and he could book rooms for you somewhere (the cost of which would be borne by you).

Futher there has been an appeal from the Release Binayak Committee to raise funds to provide basic accommodate and meals for the satyagrahis, press releases and press conferences, etc. If you’d like to support the Satyagraha with a financial contribution, you could get in touch with the committee at [email protected] We request you to send financial contributions to support the campaign. Cheques made out in the name of INSAF (payable at Delhi). For further info on this do get in touch directly with Wilfred D’Costa (General Secretary, Insaf) at: INSAF national secretariat
124-A/6, First Floor, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi-110016
Ph: +91-11-65663958, Telefax:+91-11-26517814, Mobile: 0982517191
E-mail: [email protected]