Protest the arrest of Vahini activist in Jharkhand

Madan Mohan, state convenor of Janmukti Sangharsh Vahini (Jasva) for Jharkhand state, has been arrested on 11 May 2011 on false allegations and sent to jail. Madan Mohan is former national convenor of Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Vahini and is also one convenor of Jharkhand Mukti Vahini. Madan Mohan is one of the most active activists of Jasva. He has been in the forefront of the movements against displacement, for the rehabilitation of the displaced and against land grabs by mafia violating the CNT (Chotanagpur Tenancy) Act, apart from other national and local movements.

For protesting against encroachment by certain persons on the land of government’s Agriculture Farm, the goons of the encroachers attacked on Madan Mohan and other activists of Vahini and also filed an FIR with false allegations against them in the police station. It may be noted that encroachment had started 2 days before the incident and the police was intimated about the same but the police did not take any action.

While the assailant encroachers, on whom Vahini activists filed an FIR, are moving scot free, the police filed a case against  Madan Mohan and Vahini’s other activists without inquiring into the veracity of the allegations and sent them to Judical custody.

Two months after this incident, on 23 April, the encroachers came back and started constructing a boundary wall on the encroached land. Again the police was informed about this but they did not take any action. Then the SDO was intimated about this but the illegal construction continued. A delegation of Vahini met with the Dy.Commissioner and complained about the illegal goings on. The DC ordered the SDO on phone to immediately stop the illegal construction but the construction continued.

When Madan Mohan went to the reconciliate some quarrel in the village the police arrested him on the above said FIR with false allegations. Thus the irony is that while the encroachers are being protected by the administration, the persons trying to protect government land are put in jail.

For many years Madan Mohan has been fighting against illegal encroachments and land-grabs violating CNT Act. The land-grabbers are obviously annoyed with Madan Mohan’s interference in their illegal affairs and they had several times threatened him with dire consequences. Jailing Madan Mohan is the consequence of his struggles against these illegal land-grabs.

The people fighting against the violation of CNT Act and other illegal activities by the land-grabbers, builders etc. brought out a massive rally against the arrest of Madan Mohan and another activist, Sunil Rajak. Administration’s effigy is being burnt in the districts in different places for Madan Mohan is very popular as a fighter for people’s causes. Leaflets are being distributed all around as it is a part of people’s struggles against displacement, for rehabilitation, violation of CNT Act and other causes.

We appeal to you to lodge protests with the DC of the district of East Singhbhum, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, chairman of Human Rights Commission etc. against this injustice and atrocity.


Co-convenor of Janmukti Sangharsh Vahini


Behind Community Centre,Gwala Basti, Indra Nagar,Jamshedpur-831008