Manners Please!

It used to be that one human’s ability to express consideration and respect for another defined and separated us from many other species of animal. Sadly, a ride on a bus or a trip to the shops, will now suggest that this ability is fast becoming a lost art. It would seem that certain species in the animal kingdom now make a better job of disciplining and training their young than we do.

Nowadays, it is considered that manners maketh man old-fashioned!  If society is to survive we need to revive the essential art of good manners and return to a system of showing respect and consideration for others.

To safe-guard it for the future we need to make a conscious effort to actively train the next generation to understand and value these things.

We are very much in favour of manners as opposed to etiquette since it is manners that enable us to live by the Golden Rule and: “Treat others how you would like to be treated”

Here are a few key tips for parents in assisting their children in developing good manners:

★ Model good manners!  Always set the example for your children to follow. They have been watching and learning from you since the moment they were born!
★ Start from birth or from now!
★ Make it a matter of course and never let it slip
★ Be tolerant of mistakes but never ignore them
★ Use a subtle sign to remind your children without causing embarrassment
★ Set high standards and consistent expectations
★ Prepare your child for what is expected before going into new situations
★ Always explain the reasons why a certain behaviour is considered polite or impolite
★ Provide a wide range of social situations in which to practise and learn
★ Insist on good personal hygiene
★ Eat meals together at the table
★ Discuss poor manners displayed in others and consider the impact
★ Limit exposure to poor role models on film, TV and games
★ Reinforce good manners with praise