Leading US health activist calls for Dr Sen’s release

Well known US public health activist and renowned physician Dr. Quentin Young has called for the release of Dr Binayak Sen.

A longtime friend of President Barack Obama and, more recently a critic of his healthcare policy, Dr. Young has been a vocal proponent of universal and comprehensive healthcare for all for decades. He fought to end racial discrimination in access to healthcare in Chicago area hospitals in the 1950′s. Along with the Medical Committee for human rights, he was an active participant in the civil rights struggles in the American south, where he first met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., later becoming his personal physician in Chicago.

Whether it was the fight against racism and discrimination or the fight to end the American war in Vietnam or confronting the House Unamerican Activities Committee or the fight for patients rights, prisoners’ rights or the rights of people with HIV or AIDS, he was there as a leading participant in the struggles.

Now he is here with us in the fight for Dr. Binayak Sen’s freedom. Hear him speak at the link below: