Global Day of Protest: Pune

Social activists belonging to the ‘Release Binayak Sen committee – Pune’ organised a public demonstration in Pune on 30thJanuary, demanding the release of Dr. Binayak Sen as part of the global day of protest. The demonstration began at 11 am at Majoor Adda, by paying homage to martyrs of the freedom struggle. Subsequently the procession walked down Laxmi Road (one of the major roads of the city) shouting slogans like ‘Dr. Binayak Sen ko riha karo!’, ‘Chhattisgarh sarkar hosh mein aao!’ and ‘Julmi kayade radda kara!’ (repeal repressive laws).

Resonating with the ‘jail bharo’ agitation in other areas, another slogan raised was – ‘Dr. Binayak Sen yana mukta kara – nahi tar amhala atak kara!’ (Release Dr. Binayak Sen – otherwise arrest all of us too’). Pamphlets on the issue were distributed to bystanders and the general public. An additional demand raised was asking the Maharashtra police to withdraw cases against Dr. Ilina Sen, who has been harassed on spurious charges after the IAWS conference in Wardha.

The rally culminated at Mandai, with a short public meeting where Milind Chavan, Manisha Gupte, Neeraj Jain, Shanta Ranade and Abhay Shukla briefly spoke on the need to continue the struggle for democracy, and for many more people to join the campaign for release of Dr. Binayak Sen.

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