Global Day of Protest: All India

The nation wide call given for the Release of Binayak Sen and other human    rights defenders and scrapping the sedition and other draconian laws was  extremely successful.

There were protests all over the country demanding the Release of Dr.  Binayak Sen and others who have been similarly targetted along with the  demand of scrapping the sedition law.

More than 2000 people marched from Red Fort to Shaheed Bhagat Singh  Park in New Delhi  demanding the release of Dr. Sen and the scrapping of  the law on sedition. Large numbers of trade unions, students and social activists joined the rally. Amongst those present  included NAPM leader Medha Patkar and CPI leader D.Raja.

In Raipur more than a thousand people marched the streets, in Jaipur more than 250 people courted arrest, in Indore  hundreds of people formed a human chain, In Varanasi more than forty organisations took out a 3 kilometer Shanti and Satyagarh Yatra. There was a candel light vigil in Bangalore and Lucknow, In Ranchi too there was a march in the city, In Sitapur, in UP  the bar association along with other organisations passed a resolution demanding the release of Dr Sen.

In Mumbai a protest meeting was held in Shramik Hall, In Hyderabad similarly several organisations got together and  organised a public meeting and in Vadodra too PUCL members organised a protest. In Kolkata, over 1000 protesters marched from College Square to Metro Channel on January 30, Sunday demanding unconditional release of Dr. Binayak Sen and others implicated in false cases. Anusuya Sen, mother of Dr. Sen marched with the protesters.

In Assam several activists signed a petition and sent it to the President of India.

Several cities are having protest after January 30th too.

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