Dr. Binayak Sen has been true to the spirit and vision of his alma mater and has carried his dedication to truth and service to the very frontline of the battle. He has broken the mould, redefined the possible role of the doctor in a broken and unjust society, holding the cause much more precious than personal safety. CMC is proud to be associated with Binayak and Ilina Sen.

–The Citation in 2004 when his alma mater, Christian Medical College, Vellore, gave him the prestigious Paul Harrison award for his work

May 14, 2008 will mark one year since Dr Binayak Sen is in custody on the flimsy ground of giving medical aid to an ailing prisoner. He is a medical doctor who has been working among the poor for the last 30 years. He is also a well-known health activist who has been actively involved in taking health services to remote adivasi communities. He received the prestigious Paul Harrison Award (2004) for ‘a lifetime of service to the rural poor’ and the Keithel medal of the Indian Academy of Social Sciences (2007) for his ‘outstanding contribution to the science of nature-man-society. More recently, he has been awarded the prestigious international Jonathan Mann Award. In an age where the medical profession is becoming increasingly commercialized, Dr Binayak stands out as a beacon upholding the right of the poor and the dispossessed to free and adequate health care.

Dr Sen was arrested on May 14th 2007 under the Chhatisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005, which holds any association with banned organizations is a crime. Dr Sen has been accused of association with the banned CPI (Maoist) in the state because he provided urgent medical help to an ailing, jailed leader of the CPI (Maoist) Narayan Sanyal, officially with the permission of the jail administration in Raipur.The police also allege that Dr Sen had been the conduit for exchange of letters between Maoist leaders. The police also claim that after ‘encounter’ killings of Maoists activists by them, they have recovered some papers in which Dr Sen’s name has been mentioned.

The government has also supported the extra legal militia called Salwa Judum to crush people’s struggles and organizations. Since 2005, when Salwa Judum began, at least 60,000 adivasis have been evicted from their homes and forcibly shunted into police camps, their villages have been burnt and women have been raped. The PUCL, Chhatisgarh, and Dr Binayak Sen have been in the forefront of opposition to Operation Salwa Judum and have consistently exposed the role of the Chhatisgarh government in this operation.

We would like to continue the zeal and spirit of Dr`Sen to help providing health services to the vulnerable groups, and will be holding a medical camp to mark one year of his incarceration and to press for his immediate release.

We appeal to doctors and health care workers and concerned citizens to volunteer their services at this medical camp. We also welcome donations for purchase of medicines to be disbursed at this camp.

Venue : Mobile Creche Centre at the Construction site of Kalpataru Aura
(where over 600 workers are building 15 buildings of 15 storeys each)
across the road from the Dargah near Shreyas Talkies,
L B S Marg,