Committee for Ajay’s Release is formed

New Campaign website for the release of Ajay TG is launched. visit

Dear Friends,

If it were not so deliberate then the case of Ajay TG could be called an absurd twist of fate. Nevertheless the fact is that on the 5th of May 2008 Ajay TG, an independent documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist was sent to jail on allegations of associating with an unlawful organisation and sedition against the Indian nation. There are activists and friends of Ajay who have been working hard towards supporting his family and his case. Joining in with these efforts a Committee for the Release of Ajay TG has also been formed, details of which are attached with this letter. Please contact to get a high resolution pdf file of a Pamphlet (with overview of case and Ajay’s background) and of the Posters if you wish to print and circulate.

Several Release Ajay TG Film Screenings/Public Meetings are being planned in different cities where his films will be screened and the press invited so we can increase awareness and media attention about Ajay TG’s case and also sell few of his DVD’s as a way of raising money to support the campaign. Also there are varied film related events/ festivals/ screenings that are already scheduled in different cities. At these events the poster / pamphlet and information about his films can be distributed. One big event coming up is the Osian – Cinefan Arab Asian International film festival in Delhi starting on the 10th of July. We plan to widely distribute information about Ajay TG here. We also plan to do a signature campaign at the film festival and need volunteers for that.

Please write to releaseajaytg at if you would like to help in the campaign / get a copy of his films / organise screenings / distribute pamphlets or even go for a few days and help run the basti school for girls that Ajay and his wife Shobha had started.


committee for the release of Ajay TG

  • Habib Tanvir
    Theater Director, Actor | recipient of the Padma Bhushan | former Member
    Parliament -Rajya Shabha | Bhopal

  • Social Activist | recipient of the Magasaysay Award | Rajasthan
  • Kamal Chenoy
    Professor JNU | President JNU Teachers Association |

  • Social Activist | Convenor of Azadi Bachao Andolan | Swaraj Open University |
    Swaraj Film Archive | Allahbad

  • Law Researcher | member of Amnesty International’s Advisory Panel on
    Economic,Social & Cultural Rights

  • Social Activist | Convenor Aman Biradri | recipient of M.A.Thomas National
    Human Rights Award | Delhi

  • Deputy Editor | The Hindu | recipient of United Nations Correspondents
    Association Award | Delhi

  • Social Activist | Chairman, Samadhrusti Televisions and Magazine |
    Bhubaneshwar Film Archive | Orissa

  • Cinematographer, Filmmaker | recipient of the National Award | Kolkatta
  • Amar Kanwar
    Filmmaker | recipient of the Edvard Munch Award for Contemporary Art | Delhi
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