Citizen’s Statement Against Terrorism and Communal Violence

Resolution on serial bomb blasts in bangalore and ahmedabad

This convention against draconian laws organised by Asha Parivar, INSAF, NCDHR, FDI, SAHR APDP (J & K Manipur forward youth front, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee Hyderabad and Reach out Condemns the serial bomb blasts at Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

In any civilised democratic society killing of innocents, women and children, whatever the demands and politics should be condemned. We condemn the barbaric acts of killing, maiming and sexual assaults in all forms of conflicts.

It should be noted that the serial bomb blasts will further vitiate the already communally charged atmosphere of Gujarat.

The country is yet to come over the Shock and Trauma of the Ghastly state sponsored communal carriage in Gujarat in year 2002, which is one of the blackest Spot in Post Independent India.

Statement of the convention
organised by PEACE, HRLN and ANHAD

Each time there is a bomb blast like the recent one in Jaipur, the Indian State reaches out its ‘long arms of injustice’ to pick a scapegoat from amidst the Indian population to cover up its own incompetence in providing security to its citizens.

The hapless creature, decorated and demonized by the ‘fashion designers’ of Indian officialdom, is then paraded before the entire nation to create a public spectacle prior to its ritual sacrifice.

The armchair warriors then call for ‘tougher laws’ to deal with terrorism while the scapegoat disappears forever into the black hole of the Indian prison system.

That the ‘prime suspects’ in such cases always happen to be bearded young Muslim men and Islamic theologists to boot is not a surprise at all. In the racist imagination of theadministration, police , intelligence agencies , security forces, sections of the media and politicians all the criminals in this country wear their ‘criminality’ on their faces- the suspects are always MAD- Muslim, Adivasi, Dalit.