Book Review: Indian Doctor in Jail: The Story of Binayak Sen


Indian Doctor in Jail: The Story of Binayak Sen
Doctors in Defence of Binayak Sen
Promilla & Co Publishers in association with Bibliophile South Asia
Rs250, pp112

Pediatrician, public health professional and civil rights activist, Binayak Sen, was arrested by the Chattisgarh police on 14 May 2007. Asked by the superintendent of police to appear for recording a statement he was placed under arrest when he reached the police station. Given his outstanding role as a public health professional and development activist his arrest has came as a surprise to many. The Global Health Council has selected Dr Sen for the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights recently. However, it seems that the state government could hardly tolerate his relentless exposure of human rights violations in Chattisgarh. This book weaves together essays by eminent doctors in defence of Dr Sen and his agenda. It also contains essays by Dr Sen on the interrelationship between health and human rights and people’s healthcare initiatives in Chattisgarh. The collection presents the facts and circumstances that have led to his illegal arrest, detention and charge sheet. In doing so it not only seeks to uphold the dignity of a humanitarian cause and a philanthropic doctor’s noble mission but also the rights and duties of every Indian citizen as enshrined in the Constitution.

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