Binayak Sen case Update

Update From Ilina Sen

We have just finished two days of court hearings, on the 10th and 11th of which  our lawyers cross examined Inspector Jagrit , a senior member of the investigating team. Jagrit was systematically torn to shreds, as our   lawyer took up each document  seized from the house search, asked J to explain how this was of relevance to charges they were making against Binayak, and Jagrit was unable to sustain his bluster. He also went into the technical details of the seizure procedure  to establish that the search was not done properly, documents were not signed by the witnesses, copies were not filed in court , etc. In an impartial court this puts the entire search and seizure into question… but of course this is Chhattisgarh.

The  prosecution now wishes to apply to reexamine one of their own witnesses, which our lawyers will contest, and put the main investigating officer on the stand, and say that they will close their case with that. The next date for the IO is July 19. Seeing the length of time it took Jagrit to give his main deposition and be cross examined (6 months), this should take us into 2011.Then there is the defence to follow, and lastly, the final arguements. ilina

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