In the face of Chhattisgarh State government’s continuing onslaught against Human rights defenders, Ajay TG’s release has been won due to lack of any evidence. Given this positive development, now we need to intensify efforts to end Binayak’s imprisonment. Message from Kavita forwarded below.

Dear friends,

Ajay TG was released from Jail today the 5th of August only after 8 pm. It took them till four pm today to get all the papers ready. The work of notarising the property list of Ajay took no time in the jail in the morning. However, the Bail sureties that were to be presented by Shobha, Ajay’s wife and the other person required that the Tehsildar verify and counter sign it. The Tehsildar asked the Patwari to verify the papers. The Patwari was not available till very late. However all the work was done and the papers were finally filed in Court by 4pm. Following which the release order was made out and sent to the Jail and then the formalities in Jail took a more than an hour. The entire process made it late evening. It was worth the waiting for all.

Ajay was given a big welcome back. Shobha his wife, several of his friends, family members from both sides including Shobha’s brother Babu, her sister were all there. The most difficult moment was the reunion with his parents.

Ajay spoke over the phone to some of us. When he spoke to me he was very happy. He said that he would not lose a single day to plan next step on the “case” front. He said that he will be calling his lawyers and working it out

Ajay’s release has rekindled hope that things will change in Chhattisgarh..

This article is contributed Kavita Srivastava

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