4 Things to do to Kick Start Your Baby’s Future

Having a baby can be an exciting time for you and your partner, but it can come with its worries and concerns. Mostly, it’s over the health of your baby, and its future. The best thing you can do is start researching now as to the best practices to get into the habit of for when your baby arrives.

Below are a few practices you can start getting into to kick starting your baby’s future.

Take care of your health.

The first thing you and your partner should do is take care of both of your health. When the baby comes it will be dependent on you both and it will need you to both be around and as healthy as you can be, so read all about food you wanted to know. This means you should start thinking about quitting smoking and drinking months before you start trying for a baby, to ensure all the harm from these drugs and substances are completely out of your body.

Another great piece of advice is to start getting into regular, steady exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything exhilarating but just enough to keep you in shape and healthy. You shouldn’t do any tough exercise when you’re pregnant as it can do more harm than good, so keep this in mind while you’re trying.

Play music to your unborn baby.

There have been studies into playing music to your unborn baby. In these studies it has been proven that the unborn baby will respond and react to the music by moving. Some people believe that if you play classical music to your unborn baby while you’re pregnant, you could give birth to a genius.

However, there is no solid fact to this, nor is there any proof. What music does do though is calms and relaxes the mother, which is turn relaxes the unborn baby. Relaxing together is a great way to start your bond, and may mean once your baby is born they may recognises the music you played to them by falling asleep or calming down.

Save up for your baby’s future.

If you want your baby to grow up to go to university one day, but you’re concerned about the costs, then start saving now! If you put away £10 a month into a savings account, by the time your child is 18 you would have saved £2160!

Admittedly, but then this may only just pay for a year at university, or for your kid’s accommodation, but if they don’t want to go to university this could cover the cost of a car, or any other further education your child would want to do.

Have your baby’s stem cells collected.

When you’re baby is born, you can opt to have your babies stem cells collected. This is a great way to start your baby’s future, as it is insurance against anything bad happening such as cancer or other ill health problems. With stem cell storage you can store the cells for years, and they can also be used to help close relatives to the donor too such as the mother or father.

The process is quick and simple, and is taken out by a stem cell collection expert during the birth. If you would be interested in the procedure you should start looking into it while you’re pregnant as you cannot collect the stem cells after the birth.